So you are either interested or planning on relocating yourself and/or your family to The Islands of Marathon in the Florida Keys.  I can tell you that you are in the right place and on the right track!

We are happy to provide some valuable information and resources to assist you in your search and preparations for relocating to our Islands.  These resources are once again catered to individuals and families looking to relocate, not businesses.  If you have a business you would like to open, relocate, expand, please visit our Island Economics, Resources, and Real Estate pages.  If of course you are looking to just relocate and purchase your island property please also visit our Real Estate search page, which will allow you to search both residential properties within the entire Florida Keys.

Of course please do contact us with any questions, assistance, or guidance you may require.  Thank you, we look forward to working with and helping you with your Florida Keys relocation!


I. Relocation Guide/Packet: great for contacting relevant service providers (utilities, cable, internet, etc.), government offices, and other professionals (medical providers, attorneys, CPA’s, Realtors, etc.) that you will need to relocate.

II. Job Boards and Search: like most individuals and families seeking to relocate; you need to secure gainful employment.  Here is a list of local job boards and places to search for vacancies: Job-search-concept

III. Rental & Housing Search: please refer to the following links and websites for rental inventory in the Middle & Florida Keys: beach5house in human hands